Monday, July 25, 2005

Kowloon group

I was guiding part of the Kowloon club group, starting with 9, but only 4 continued on, as the rest dropped off because they came unprepared and were not too keen to trudge through the black and slippery mud between the coastal forest and seagrass lagoon. Pity, although I suppose they enjoyed the cloudy sky and sea breeze on the rocky shore, sharing news of Hongkong's real estate prices and joking about the antics of the fiddler crabs enticing females into their holes. (overheard one of them saying... like picking up girls from the bar!)

One interested lady was surprised by such a wide variety of creatures found within such a small area like Chek Jawa; she has yet to see as much organisms in the mudflats of Hongkong.

I had a great time and was very glad to see an 'old' CJ3 friend today.. Yuet Ting. Am wondering whatever happen to the rest of the group. Hey, you people... respond leh.


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