Thursday, July 21, 2005

Mid-Nite Trip, 21/07/05

Hi all,

We were at Chek Jawa this morning, and among the stuff seen were lots of kite butterfly fish, scorpion fish, fan shells, crabs, prawns, snapping shrimps, and....

As I and Chay Hoon were walking along, we saw...

It turned out to be a...


First time I've ever seen it here, and have thought that it was found elsewhere in Singapore, more specifically, on the Sisters Islands and Hantu.

This guy was a baby, and didn't look like it had all its arsenal of spines grown yet. We checked with a chopstick. However, we suggest you do not touch it anyway, even with gloves, as one of our dear guides found out the hard way when an adult injected him with venom on Hantu, through his booties.

Where was he found? Will tell you next time I see you. Where was he left? Couldn't remember where we found him exactly, so we left him near the public trail.

*evil grin*


Blogger Rob said...

Left it near the public trail? May we meet again... :)

10:09 PM  

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