Sunday, July 17, 2005

CJ a favourite spot

CJ lovely family

From the pioneer batch to the present batch,we are sure that we have been bringing fun to the visitors of Chek Jawa.Quite missed some guides like Meisi,Xiuzhu etc.This place has also slowly become famous as more and more people,both Singaporeans and tourists get to know about the speciality of it.

People not only crazy about the fiddle crabs,but also get to know about sand dollar,carpet anemones and many others.It is not a trip of informations,rather the beauty of this nature.The feeling to be out of the busy city for a few hours ,enjoying the beautiful views and the cool breeze is always great.

Staffs,rangers and volunteer guides like us,out of passion and interest,will try our best to drop by wherever we are free.Some even go all out to take leave just to come which I admire very much.It has grown from a guide book,website,film to a blog today.It is a very good recommendation when the name needs to be mention.


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