Monday, July 25, 2005

CJ public walk 25th July

Great weather monday with a good mixture of 69 participants from Hong Kong Kowloon, Indonesia, URA and a few family groups.

There were enough guides so I stayed in the office to check my email that I did'nt managed to check for the whole of last week while on course.

Anyway, Jacky took a shot of an alive sea urchin approximately the size of a tennis ball. Wonder where our hunter seeker Ali found it....would check with him later..... Poor Ali and Sergeant Tan are still tracking out of CJ on foot as the vans were pack and all NParks ubin vehicles are out of the island...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My group was made up of divers and their 3 kids. They loved touching the tentacles of the carpet anemone. One of the adult said she does not dare touch anything when she is diving. They were also thrilled seeing a butterfly swimming on the tentacles.


10:28 PM  

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