Friday, June 02, 2006

House No 1 & Location Where a 'Mermaid' was spotted.

Introducing House No 1..... (both photos taken by my colleagues)

It's undergoing restoration works now. As you can see here, the tiles look cleaner after being carefully washed and the workers are busy working on the other details now.

History..... It's known as House No 1 as it's address is 1 Pulau Ubin. According to what I understand, this double storey house with a one of a kind chimney was build for a western family. After that there were histories of rubber plantations 'Towkays' who stayed here. It is a building with rich history value. Where can you find a house with a chimney in Singapore anyway. =)

Anyone have any further details to add in?
Wonder if anyone would volunteer to source out more history of this house.

View of House No 1 from the sea.....

Last month on a hot afternoon 4pm, similar tide, a contractor for the project was standing on the jetty (where Mr Ali is standing at).
He got a shock and almost ran away when SOMETHING from the water surfaced and lean near to the planks (where that inserted hand is pointing).
Is it a crocodile? A mermaid? A shark?
He stopped to have a closer look before he attempt to make any move and something familiar greeted him.
He had seen Dugongs before and immediately recognised that it was indeed a Dugong.'nt it fantastic to know that we still have them in Singapore?

More info on Dugongs in wildsingapore...


Anonymous Margie said...

Actually there are plenty of chimneys in places like Sembawang, or anywhere with old houses. But these chimneys (internally blocked off now) normally connect to the original kitchen area. What is unique about House No. 1 is that it has an open fireplace in the living room from which the chimney takes the smoke.
House No. 1 is said to have been built for a Scottish doctor who used it as his home instead of going home on long leave. Later it was the seaside home of one member of the Lee family, who were at one time involved in rubber production and trade.

(and by the way the clock is wrong on this site - this is 5.16 pm.)

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Margie said...

p.s. modify the comment about the clock. It posted the correct time as "pm", but on the preview it recorded the time as "am". Strange!

5:25 PM  
Blogger Adelle said...

Thanks Margie for the information!
By the way, I could'nt find any 'am' instead of 'pm' post.
Free to guide me? Thanks!

11:03 AM  

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