Monday, April 17, 2006

Man's best friend

In loving memory of Georginia - the female dog that grew up beside our office.

George was found dead by workers on Good Friday and buried near to where her childhood companion laid.

She was neither a pedigree, nor a pretty mongrel. Neither cubbly nor can she roll on her back as instructed. However, she was a great companion and she behaves herself well.
Thank you to all who've brought her food to fill her stomach, medicine to remove ticks and fleas and saved her life when she was attacked by maggots.

George at Jelutong campsite's highest hut 3th Apr 06. She never fails to escort us to the public toilet and Jelutong campsite rain or shine. Now I got to get used to going to the washroom without seeing her shadows pace up and down outside the toilet door.

Outside our office after our first Discovery Trail
guided tour on 16th Jul 2005. She's being pat by a


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