Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Chek Jawa Guide Uniform

Here is Sgt very kindly modelling our brand new uniform! Upon advice of Ms Faridah, our fashion consultant, we were told it will come with matching hat and booties. If there are sufficient funds, we will also get matching pots. Isn't that cool!

Perhaps if we are very very good guides, they might make us matching ponchos as!!

You will note the festive and cheerful underwater theme that goes so well with Chek Jawa. I just love the bright blue and pink, and all the creatures are anatomically correct too!

AND if we are unlucky and can't find any colourful creatures, we can always use our uniforms to thrill and impress our visitors with examples of wondrous marine life.

No longer will we be drab and colourless--as Tom and Mr Wong are (lurking behind Sgt in the photo). We will be most eye-catching indeed!

So please do send your sizes to Adelle asap. So she can put in the order for our new look without delay!!


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