Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sensory Trail 28th August

On the 28th August we had the usual 4th Saturday foc Sensory Trail guided walk. There were enough guides (although Alyce was sick and did'nt make it to guide) so I ended up taking photos of our other wonderful ST guides. Let me introduce them to you. =)
Introducing Helen Kwek. She's an experienced guide for ST and active volunteer in SBG as well. Here she is seen showing her group an empty box of Neem toothpaste that she used. She was telling the group how good the toothpaste tasted (i hope she did'nt eat it).....and that she always bring it out during guided walk to show the group how useful some plants are. Thumbs up for guides who go the extra to illustrate their guiding and relate things to their daily life. =)
This is Melisa Wee, a less than one year old volunteer. She had been trained in both CJ and ST and has been faithfully guiding in Sensory Trail. As we had many groups for ST that day, she and LeyKun ended up taking the opposite route, which ended at the Pandan Valley. Keep up the good work Melisa!

Here we have our dear Annie (in white long sleeves). She and Helen Kwek are the Sensory Trail regulars long before I joined NParks. Other than the Sensory Trail, she guides in Chek Jawa and in other Nature Reserves too. Anyone interested to join her for guided walks in Pierce Reservior?

Presenting Mr Wong KS. Familiar face in many places including Chek Jawa, Sungei Buloh, Pet Villa and perhaps many other places that we did'nt heard him mention. Mr Wong is a humble and great guide who is always eager to learn new things. Thanks to him, I had the chance to learn more things in order to answer the questions he enquire. Erm....still owe him some answers. Got to work harder.

Here is ChayHoon another of our volunteer who is always ready to get involved and devote her time. Often mistaken as my sister by the Ubin villagers, Chayhoon is a very new guide in Sensory Trail, actively guiding in Chek Jawa and volunteering with the wildfilms. When I hang around her group yesterday and heard her guide, I realised that she speaks fluent Mandarain too. There's always so much things to find out about and learn from each other.

On the extreme right in orange is LeyKun. Leykun is a newly trained guide in Sensory Trail and a old 'bird' in Chek Jawa. While her husband and boys are playing golf in Changi on Saturday mornings, she'll be under the sun in Ubin guiding groups to discover more of Ubin. Really need to learn from this great woman who can juggle her family, work and volunteer work so well. Really great efforts in planning.


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What a wonderful introduction to all the wonderful Ubin volunteers! Thanks Adelle!

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