Saturday, August 20, 2005

19th, 20th August

Hi~ Thought I'll just share some of the photos I took during the 7th Month performance. For those of you who missed it.....too bad....come again next year. =)

The performers would pray to the Gods at the start of the performance at about noon time. The villagers would then ask them to pick some lucky numbers. Remember the number combi on the 1st day was something like 6280 (heard it's a annouced to all number combi so it would'nt hurt to let those interested know)......Anyone buying??

Villagers old and young, resident and migrated come back, take time to offer incense to the 'good brothers' and Gods

A young performer of the troop. Heard from most that this is their first time performing in Ubin

One of the items on 'auction' at 8pm later...The villagers invited me to join in the fun that's why I'm still in the office now. Unlike 7th month celebration outside, in Ubin they don't gather for dinner. They only go for the auction and all the food for offering through the two days are distributed to all the villagers when they pass by the temple.

At backstage, a wayang performer resting on a hammock


Blogger ria said...

Looks like I missed a really special event. Thanks for sharing the photos and stories!

I've posted a link to your blog entry at the focus ubin website

We saw the place all dressed up when we were at Ubin early Friday morning, doing things normal people shouldn't do during the seventh month :-)

9:57 PM  

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