Sunday, September 18, 2005

bash it out

somebody growing older,but wiser..

arrive near 2pm
wow such a big chalet
not much people i know
hanging of balloons
slowly ple coming in
all outside for some appreciation
its a big stone for us
veri well done,though quite heavy
high tea time
ice-cream,chocolate starts filling us
go for a broadwalk
pick up a silver covered ball
good explanation by Ali
have some cool drinks aftr e walk
prepare fire to bbq
2 of us hanging lanterns
even cover the spotlight with black plastic bag
celebrate 2 guys bday
Boon Sim(in yellow,in front silver ball) came
have a nice chat with her
How suggests old Changi hospital visit
most left home
no need to act laugh @How's games
as usual more preparation needed,lots food left
chidren happily playing with firewrks
others nearby also follow to hang lanterns
there's 1 gp aftr another walkg past & playg lanterns
stack up chairs,tie a bit
i went home near 10pm
-->not e token,but importantly meeting an old fren which makes mi more worthwhile of e day (b4 i go for my not lookg forward ICT on Mon & e pressure of exams tat follow)..

happy family


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