Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sensory Trail and Paradise Tree Snake

Hi friends,

I was at the Sensory Trail yesterday morning. Great day for a walk - sun was out and smiles on everyone I saw. And that wonderful feeling of being far far away from the city.

The American School teenagers were there too with their visually-handicapped friends. First time witnessing this. Humbling to see the care and concern expressed by these teenagers who probably have tons of other fun things to do but chose to share a precious Saturday morning doing a kind act.

Anyway I had a great group too, comprising Singaporeans and an American couple. Very interested party and we all swapped stories, recipes and sightings. The American couple said that they had an Oriental Pied Hornbill visit their balcony garden. Believe it or not?! They live in a condo in River Valley. I asked them to post pictures on the web to join the other hornbill sightings in Singapore. They said the hornbill was there for about 20 min (!)

Anyway, thanks to Anne, we spied a Paradise Tree Snake along the path just after the mangroves. It wasn't aggressive. It spread out its body a little and looked ready to 'fly' but after a few seconds, it shrank back to its cydindrical shape and slided away. Probably too many eyes on it and it decided it was no fun after all.

I was particularly struck by the beauty of the pattern on its head.

See you all at CJ during the Deepa-Raya week!