Thursday, April 27, 2006

Blooms in Sensory Trail

Took a walk thru the Sensory Trail and these are what I found. =)

Etlingera elatior
Torch Ginger is cultivated for its young flowering shoots.
Used in Chinese and Indian “rojak” Rhizome yields a yellow dye

Cotton plant Gossypium genus and cotton stainer (zoom in on insect)
Members of the insect genus Dysdercus (Pyrrhocoridae; Heteroptera) are known collectively as cotton stainers because many of the species have feeding habits that include transfer of fiber-staining microorganisms to the cotton bolls they feed on.

Jasminum sambac

Telosma cordata
'Ye Lai Xiang'
According to book-Possess diuretic properties, used to treat diseases of the kidneys and bladder
Ali mentioned that the flowers can be cooked with egss to make omelette.

Lonicera japonica
Gold and Silver flower, Japanese Honey suckle

Nam Nam is fruiting!..Yum Yum. Promised some of the ST guides to let them try the fruits. The rest of u have to drool....Tastes like crunchy pears.... =)


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