Friday, June 02, 2006

2nd June CJ walk - Guides

I think I'm taking too many snap-shot photos of people in action. Just hope our sweet and lovely guides don't get too irritated by me.

I know it's silly but.....

Could'nt stopped smiling since I opened to look at this photo 30 minutes ago.
Introducing familiar faces Alyce (leftest), Tom (rightest) and new guide Kaifen (with book)~!

Guiding in process....


Sinwei! Another new guide. Don't you just love new faces joining our regular CJ guides family??

Sinwei is a businessman and offered to come in the morning to help in guiding as soon as his morning appointment with client was cancelled.
I overheard his guiding and found that he could capture the participants' attention with his knowledge tagged with good explaination and interesting examples.
Kudos ~!


Blogger Leshon said...

My family and I would like to join the reef walk but it's always full. I was told the next booking is September. Is there anyway to book earlier? Thanks

2:15 PM  
Blogger Adelle said...

Hi, thanks for your interest.

There's no way to book earlier as we would have problem with turnup (due to way-in advance booking without proper planning and mentality of 'grab a place first then see if I can come') Currently this system works the best. Imagine how private organisations would have access to book up the entire walk for one suitable day leaving nature loving family groups like yourself with little opportunities to book for a walk if the system is changed.

No worries about not having the opportunity to visit Chek Jawa. By end of next year, when the boardwalk is build, this unique place would be accessible to a even larger pool of people. You can visit Chek Jawa on the boardwalk no matter how high or low the tide is during official opening hours.
Board walk is build so that we can have some control 'damage' of the fragile ecosystem by visitors during walks. And also to allow more nature lovers to visit the place.

Thanks for your understanding and do feel free to email me at
if you have more feedback or enquiries.


12:01 PM  

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