Thursday, June 29, 2006

29th June

First attempt in picking fruits for the volunteers and we had Mohana, Alyce and Annie with my colleagues, Jacky & Sergeant Tan.

Did'nt managed to get any pic of the 'process' today but here's everyones' fruits of success.

Jacky teaching us how to smell if the durian is good.... bitter or sweet.....

Feel the spikes, the check if it's ripe....

Open it, and taste...

Smile at the camera when you're done with eating. (I finally got to crop my hair after my big day...heee...hihi)

We did'nt collect enough to sell and raise funds for the conservation donation box today. However, these couple of days is great training for us to be ready for the real harvest from next week onwards.
Durians Here We Come! Anyone wanna join us? Drop me an email yeh~... Thanks!


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