Thursday, June 08, 2006

Volunteers Orientation

3rd June, we conducted a volunteers orientation and here are some of the photos Angie Ng took.
As normal, the 8 of us started with introduction of ourselves......

then a 30 minutes Sensory Trail Experience.......

then head to Chek Jawa before the tide comes in.......

then to Mamam Beach (at villagers' stall with the wild boar as pet) for our tea-break and introduction to the volunteer's programme, volunteers' job scopes, benefits, etc and Q & A session. (I must say the wild boar did'nt smell that great that day..But luckily we managed to eat our curry puffs)......

Soon it was noon and 2 of the new volunteers had to leave.
So sorry that you had to miss these....

Visit to the West of Ubin....

At Thai Temple.....
Sharing a joke under the Bodhi tree while waiting for Mohana and Jennifer to finish their offering of incense.

It's a tight squeeze! We were trying to take a closer look at some of the interesting weeds on the other side of the fence. Angie convinced me that I could get thru and taught me how to go about doing it. It did'nt work for Senior Ranger aka. Sergeant Tan so we left him to be the 'bouncer'.

On the highest point in Ubin overlooking the quarry under the hot sun.
Introducing (from left) Katherine, Jennifer, Adelene, Adelle (me) Mohana, Angie Ng, Azlin.

Most of you should know Angie Ng, who's really into plants, and is a plant teacher to many of us. She was sitting with Tan who was driving and got him to stop when she spots interesting plants. (Maybe she was the one stepping on the brakes)

Knema globularia once believed to be extinct in Singapore.

More details - Commonly known as Seashore Nutmeg, the Knema globularia grows up to 30metres tall along rocky or sandy coasts from Myanmar to Borneo. Its dark-green leaf is pale beneath with a sparse layer of brown hairs. The fleshy, round fruit bears a single seed covered by a red aril. The seed produces oil used for the treatment of epidermal affections, especially scabies, and in medical soap.

Edible or not?? We tried a tiny piece of the delicious looking and soft aril which tasted slighty sweet and slimy.
Far from fantastic tasting.


Extract from email by Angie.

The orientation for new volunteers took place on a blazing hot Saturday morning. But the breath-taking views and scenery presented by Chek Jawa, Mt. Pakua, the quarries made us all oblivious to the heat, thirst and hunger.
Thanks, Adele for organising that very refreshing journey. Thanks also to Mark and Ah Hock for patiently showing us our natural heritage in Ubin.



Extract from email by Mohana

I have informed about the trip to Pulau Ubin and my friends are interested to know more about it. Do you have selected dates for new comers to know about the areas in Pulau Ubin for them to become a inspired volunteer.

I am impressed of the OJT trip on last Saturday 3 June 06. I have learned more places and the hidden treasures found in Pulau Ubin.


Thank you and Mr Tan for the wonderful trip of discovery.



SMS text extract from Azlin

Gosh it was a hot day.......
Thanks for the great time.
u let me knw if there's more stuff dat i can do. take care



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