Thursday, June 15, 2006

CJ 15th June

It was raining in the morning almost everywhere. Thank God for Ria, Rosalind, Annie and Alyce who came and guide and also for the participants who came to enjoy the beauty of CJ.

Walk proceeded and the hunter seekers had a real hard time finding the creatures that were hiding from the morning rain.

We had all the normal stuff and since we had to give the rocky shores a miss(due to the tide), I decided to show my group some of the mangrove plants.

As I was making my way thru the shrubs, towards the Nipah Palms, we hear the little K2 girl Megan shouting at something she spotted (and perhaps almost stepped on). As I backtrack, her dad was asking me excitingly if it's a lobster.
A lobster here! Ah Ha! Is it the owner of the moulds I was intending to show them as well?

Yes!! It's Miss Mud Lobster. I had missed her when I walked past. Thank you Megan for spotting her and Mr Tan for sending me the photo. This is my second time seeing one and it's the larger one at about 20cm long.
Alyce's group joined us and ended the walk with the 'highlight' of the day.



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