Thursday, March 01, 2007


So sorry for not updateing the blog! Moving house and my new SD card can't be read on the card reader so can't upload photos. No photos how can?

Here are some of the things still spotted on CJ after the fateful 18th January walk...

No carpet anemones that's as colourful as before but we are still thrilled by the little surprises..

Peacock radiant as before

Caught a puffer fish while hunter seeking on the sand bar. He was trapped beside a pool of water beside the sand bar. First time seeing one on CJ thou.

Catfish.....did'nt spotted this species before. There were at least 10 of them in pools at the coral rubble

Snapping shrimp...

Horseshoe crab.... and shell of a noble volute. Think we lost all the noble volutes. I still can remember the stench when I overturned a few of them checking for survivors.

Ron and Kaifen....what did they found that made them so happy??

Rock star!!! Finally got a star. Ron was hunter seeking looking for a knobbly and I told him if he can find us a rock star we would be more than happy. And with his magic hands, he got one within 5 minutes. So glad we did'nt lost all the stars.... Hooray!

Seems like CJ is not as bad as it seems but it really needs time to recover. Wait for my good news yeh...


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