Sunday, December 17, 2006

Singapore Garden Festival (SGF)

SGF is finally here after 2 years of organizing, involving more than 500 volunteers, over 125,000 plants were brought in to create the dazzling garden and floral masterpieces by participants ranging from more than 20 countries.

How, Jacky, Robert, Ali, Tan, Haron, Ahamad, Bari and myself are helping out on some days during this festival and hope to see you there as well!

Here are some of the photos I took on 2 occasions.

On the 13th Dec, during familiarisation. Here's some of the completed pieces.

On the 16th Dec, I saw Annie, Alyce, Ron, Sigium, Angie and Khiew at the festival.

Here's Alyce and Ann at the Community in Bloom booth. Get some hands-on guessing of plant in the box. Cool. Perhaps we can do something like this for CJ?

My photos does'nt do justice to the beauty of the masterpieces over there so it's best for you to visit. More details on the festival and programmes can be found here.

A little extra info : It would take one more than 2 hours to complete exploring level 4 and 6 so try to be there early. After the festival you can even go shopping! Many of the shops at Suntec and Citylink open till midnight on weekends before Christmas and many offer discounts between 8pm - 12pm. That explains why I reached home near midnight yesterday. Hee.

Anyway, Adelle still have some tickets for the 21st Dec so if you are interested to visit, just let her know yeh~


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