Friday, November 24, 2006

18th Nov

Hooray! the bus is here. Ubin volunteers let's hop on~

Happy volunteers on the bus in aircon...

Hike to the rangers station from dropoff point.

Briefing by Ali...See how everyone giggle when he show off a plant root with his name attached. The Tongkat Ali! I just noticed Terry looks a little confused. Perhaps someone should enlighten him if he is still wondering what it is used for. =)

Some of the interesting inflorescence and flowers we spotted along the trail.

Ali explaining and Helen listening attentively. Helen's husband, Mr Kwek who works in Underwater World could'nt join us as he is overseas. We took good care of your wife. Guess volunteers all do get taken care of by either the staff or co-volunteers as well as we can.

Angie with her Bino.....Argh....forgot to bring a bino myself

On the TTW.

And we spotted a Flying Lemur after the TTW. Anyone got a shot of it to share with the rest? Mine is'nt ideal to show off...

End of walk.
What's next??

Makan again!

We went to Casuarina Prata for dinner...Jack, Ali and Terry with the delicious curry fishhead.

Then to Yishun Safra. For....

Bowling! Terry, Chayhoon, Alyce, Ali, Jack and myself went for 2 games after dinner. The lady who asked everyone out for bowling scored the lowest and the drain was very clean at the end of day. (Aka won't ask u all out for bowling again next time. We play pool or billard next time okie?)

Merry Christmas!
Wow, can't believe how long our day was. Really enjoyed myself although I suffered from body ache for the next 2 days. That's why so late then blog. Excuse right? hee...


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