Monday, August 14, 2006

12th August

It was a lovely saturday morning perfect for a walk in the Sensory Trail. This is the first time Angie was helping to train the Sensory Trail guide. The trail is'nt new to us especially when 4 of us in the group have already been guiding. Regardless of that, our dear trainer Angie made the 3 hours training so enjoyable and we learned many new things that equipped us even better for future guided tours. Thank you Angie!

Angie and first time trainee, ChianHuey(who was always near the trainee, and making excited gesture whenever she was amazed...she's the ideal kind of participant we would like in trainings and tours - someone as excited and childlike as her lighten the atmosphere and let the trainer feels appreciated.)

Kamsang our new Sensory Trail worker with parang & coconut.
Are we so thirsty that we have to cut a dried and spouting coconut??

It's makan time! Everyone was so fast that I did'nt get a shot of what we were feasting on. You see, when coconuts are about to spout, there would be this round embryo in the inside where the new plant start to spout. We de-husked the coconut, cut it into half and there the embryo is! It tastes like a sponge with coconut juice and some of us just could'nt get enough and started doing this...

eating the coconut flesh which taste like shredded coconut. Yummy!

And, here's Azhar our ranger with Wee Foong.
Remember the man on the right as he mentioned that he is growing some of the wild passion fruits at home. The next time you see him, just ask if the plants are fruiting...hee...



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