Sunday, July 23, 2006

Volunteers Orientation.....Tagging along

Went to Pulau Ubin on Saturday morning for some photo shootings. It happened that Adelle and Bari were conducting a Volunteers Orientation so decided to tag along.

This morning, we have 3 new volunteers and they are (L-R) Richard, James and Jiang Hui.

Checking the shelter under the Banyan Fig Tree on the way to Sensory Trail.

What's going on with all the volunteers putting their hands to their mouth?

Hee....actually they were getting a taste of the Ubin's durians which are in season now.

Grapes on the tree? Actually, it’s Belimbing that the volunteers get to taste too. And it not sweet at all. It is so sour that it is good to have one if you feel sleepy cos it will definitely help to keep you awake.

Besides these, Volunteers also checked out Chek Jawa and some quarry sites. It's nice to see new faces and I hope to see them soon again in the near future.


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