Sunday, October 29, 2006

26th 27th Oct

Preparation work for Saturday's launch of Ubin-HSBC volunteers' hub

Helen Kwek is working with some coconut leaves...

To make some grasshoppers and put with some colourful foliage and petals. Nice! This pot is going to the meeting room table to brighten up the place.

In the hub, we have Vasugi, a new volunteer helping to arrange the books.

And also all the staff are working hard even in the drizzle...

In the old office, work is going on too. Thank you Mohana, Evelyn and Vasugi for helping with the volunteers' notice board yeh~. Mohana and Vasugi for running errands for me over 3 days, Evelyn for her valuable creative inputs.

Terry and Jane, also new volunteers, helping out after the Sensory Trail walk.

The workers cooked up a feast for Deepavali celebration, inviting the staff, the contractors for the hub.

At 9pm on 27th Oct, look who is still working....

Really appreciate all the volunteers for their help these few days. Also thank you KS Wong for helping out in the hub, touching up the things that we might miss out. Kudos to all the volunteers!


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