Saturday, September 30, 2006


Hazy Day.....

It's orientation again!
New faces, new faces, new jokes, new stories. What a great way to spend a weekend!
Here's what we were up to for today's orientation.

On the way to Chek Jawa we stopped by to have a look at the "Pulai" tree.

Here's Terry looking up at the canopy.

Now. You should know Adelle is bad at taking photos of birds. Can't show you any photos but really wanna share what we saw above the tree.
2 white bellied sea eagle!! Perching on the tree a free times within minutes, soaring in the sky just above the tree. Ron saw it too. Simply love the sight of them spreading their wings, soaring above our head. So close, so big so magnificant~

After "soaring" with the eagles for a few minutes, we were back to earth again. And how we looked like by then.

On the almost completed jetty ahead of House No 1.

Stop by at Mamam Beach. Here's Ron in white and Segar, Mohana's friend who joined us as a volunteer after today's orientation. Here they are getting a shot at the male wild boar who's enjoying his treat of butter crackers.

The sky got overcasted, rain started pouring and we did'nt managed to visit the western part of Ubin as plan. However it was great fun today!

Looking forward to see the photos the others took today.
Post it yeh~



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