Monday, November 06, 2006

4th Nov ST

Look at the crowd! Today is Roots & Shoots Day with Dr Jane Goodall hosted by SAS. They are waiting for her arrival.

While waiting, let's see what it says on the shirt.

Here she is!

At the mapboard being briefed by 2 SAS students.

30 minutes later.... Guided tour on the Sensory Trail with visually handicapped friends

Dr Jane Goodall on the Sensory Trail blindfolded and guided thru the ST.

Look at all the cameras at her!

anyone remembered the name of the toy monkey?? Touched by millions of prople around the world, Dr Jane Goodall brings him around with her and allows everyone to touch him. He is blindfolded too. Sweet.

Fragrance of the Pandan.

Familar faces. =)


Anonymous CH said...

That's would be Mr. H! :O)

2:38 PM  

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