Thursday, November 23, 2006

18th Nov

It's Volunteer Recognition Day again! This time a little different as it's a combined one with SBWR & CNR.

Here's some of my favourite shots of the day! Do share yours if you have taken some great photos, especially the group photos =)

The 5 volunteers who've volunteered in 3 diff places faithfully for the past years. At the centre, 4th from the left is our Nparks CEO Mr Ng Lang and our Conservation Division Director Mr Wong Tuan Wah on the extreme right.

What's a celebration without food? Here's November & Chayhoon. Look, we are using washable plates instead of disposables. Save the environment & won't fly away with strong wind yeh!


Tree climbing activity incorporated by colleagues including Ben & Clayton. Here's brave Ros trying to conquer the rain tree... Must fill up indemnity form one hor. Don't play play although the equipments should be able to take a few of Adelle on one end. Safty first!

Up she goes.....That man on the left, is not a taking off signal man. He's Lioe, our 'new' colleague in Ubin (transfered from Biodiversity Centre). Maybe we can have this activity in Ubin one day?


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