Thursday, January 18, 2007

18th January

Dear all close to our hearts, we had a public walk today. We thought its going to be the usual walk just that its been raining for the past few weeks.

From a distance.... CJ looks a little grey.

When walking on the muddy areas, this is what we saw. Thousands of the ball sea cucumbers lying on the flats. The smell that choked my sensitive nose still lingers around. What actually happened??!

Hunter seekers never have to put a tag at the carpet anemone. Today they painstakingly found one on the normal route to tag.

My heart almost died when I saw the look on the rest of my old 'aunties' and 'uncles' of CJ.

Patrick was losing his filter feets. He looks very sad and is in pain. I wanted to offer him comfort but I can't bear to hurt him further.

Why is this happening? We are not sure. Definitely not the boardwalk because major works on ground is completed.
But we do know that increase in rainfall brings abundance fresh water into the sea and changes the salt content in water. Last walk, the carpets were already looking a little unwell. We really didnt expect to see this today. However not all the residents were looking unwell. The hermit, fiddler crabs, drills, periwrinkles, mudskippers, fishes, sand dollars, sea slaters were still very much active.

I understood from a villager who stayed in CJ area that this had happened before when it rained non-stop for many weeks. However, after the rain stopped, everything starts to get back to normal eventually.

There's nothing we can do now. I can't stop the rain. Neither can u. The change in climate worldwide is affecting the lives of many. Just that perhaps as Singaporeans we are protected from the harsh changes that this sight in our beloved CJ is simply unbearable. Are we getting a little light on effects of global warming? Today's walk pained 50 Singaporeans' hearts; I hope I can sleep tonight.

Guess we can only pray that the rain would stop here and also in our neighbours' land. Cross our fingers that everything would return to normal very very soon. We will see if we can find a 'doctor' to diagnose CJ's illness.

Hang in there CJ !!
Nurse back your health and warm our hearts once again!


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