Thursday, March 01, 2007

Regular Visitor to the Volunteer Hub

Many asked us how's our new office when they visit. Love it since its nearer to the jetty and 'town' where food is. My new seat has a good fengshui as well, allowing me to look out of the window occasionally and spot who's at the door of the office.

We have a regular visitor often spotted and here's him in action.

Mr Hornbill (oriental pied hornbill).....standing on the Jelutong tree outside our office.

More photos of him.....he was standing on the tree for at least 10 minutes, moving his head looking at the surroundings, cleaning his beak on the branches, making gentle noise like communicating to someone / something.....

Finally when I moved away after taking at least 20 photos of him, he did something funny (Lioe spotted him from another angle).

Flew and knock on the hornbill photo on the wall mural outside the hub.

Now you know why the photo of the hornbill at the IK exhibition hall is scatched and this tile chipped......

Last weekend, a ranger reported that a hornbill was standing on the display panels INSIDE the Volunteers' Hub after he came back from the toilet. The hornbill panicked upon seeing him and flew towards and knock the glass panal of the office before flying off.... Ouch!

Perhaps he really liked our office too. Or perhaps he saw his reflection on the glass / the photo of the hornbill on the new exhibits of Biodiversity in Singapore.

Do look out for this regular visitor if you are around the Volunteer Hub.



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