Monday, August 27, 2007

CJ Get-together

In celebration of the successful launch of CJ, what could be more appropriate than a bbq at House 1 itself~
So last Saturday, 25th Aug we came togother and had a good time. Consultants, contractors, partners, volunteers and staff who contributed to the new chapter of Chek Jawa were invited to this cosy & private get-together....

Here's some photos taken by our dear November....the rest of the photos can be viewed at
Thanks November~ For capturing CJ's beauty in the photos. Love the photos you took.

Our GOH - Dr Leong giving address as the sun begin to set. Heartfelt appreciation to our COO - for his precious time to grace this event even thou he had to attend WOMAD at Fort Canning later that evening.

The group photo

Our BBQ men - Adelle's hubby (Matthew) & helper
The fire was quite strong and some food got burnt. Hope no one had tummy upset from eating the food.

Romantic dinner with (frm Left) Ria, Vilma, Dr Hsu, Celine & Angie

My house dog- Yuki & 'someone'. Brought her along but I was running around to get things done. Felt so guilty as she end up being baby-sitted by many kind guests. Hope she did'nt inconvenience anyone.
Can anyone can ID who these legs belong too?

Annoucement of free boat rides for the 7th Month Wayang Show... Today & Tmw evening (27th;28th Aug).
Anyone coming to watch the traditional wayang?


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