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Ulu Gombak Trip!

Hooray! Am finally able to blog after months of my drowned camera and hours of trying to log in to blog.

Went to Ulu Gombak last weekend with a group of volunteers, colleagues and friends. Its my first time to Malaysia on a trip like this and I've truely enjoyed myself. Programme, food, accomodation and company was great and here's some moments captured.


Our first stop after crossing the second causeway....Luan Keng strongly recommended the food here and it turns out great!

4 hours away from our first stop and everyone is making themselves comfortable in the bus.

As you can see....someone is covering his head to feel comfortable. William, I think it won't work as well as my comfi pillow. =)

Finally reach FRIM and and after a quick beehoon break, we were ushered into the briefing room by a staff about the research centre's work.

Next up....hike to the Canopy Walk~!

Beauties discovered along the way....

Finally reached the canopy walk after the hike up. I thought my legs were going to fall apart by the time I reached there. Wake up call to start doing more exercises. Phew~

First time walking on a canopy walk (other than ttw) and was surprised at the material used! Metal ladders, ropes, nets.

At the end of the walk...we took a break by a stream.

Visit to the insect collection and arboretum

That's Yixiong our colleague from BC. He's great in identifying insects and birds. Thank God for him..

Here's Gary (in grey) our Malaysia coordinator for this trip explaining about the dipteropcarp arboretum

Along the way. Puisan pointed out a car. Said the red design looks like my hair in the wind. Wonder if I should be happy to hear it from an artist. Nice car anyway. The rest were checking out the car after that.

We had tea in Malay Teahouse which was supposed to be launched nexted month. Nice cosy place. The products were by-products of trees in FRIM and I bought some fragrance soap. The tea were too expensive to buy at RM$40 onwards per tin of 30 sachets. They served us Cat's Whiskers tea which tasted like Chinese Tea. Nice.

DAY 2 (Batu Caves, Orang Asli Museum, Orang Asli village, Orang Asli Talk, BBQ)

I slept very well on day 1 although there were complains of tamil band in the temple jamming till 5am and fireworks being let out in the middle of the forest where our accomodation was. The thick mattress, cool night weather and tired legs helped keep me asleep thru the night.

We had a little walk soon after breakfast. It was a nice walk, discovering old research houses, water streams, flowering ginger and leeches! No one was attacked by the leeches as KS Wong was fast to spot them on the ladies' pants before they could get down to feeding.

Batu caves next....we had to climb up 272 steps to get there.
Gary's child joined us in the walk.

Briefing at the caves.

Helmets next....

No photos are allowed in the caves but we learned a little about the rock formations and got our shoes soles thickened by guano....

Sigium spotted a viper in the bushes along the stairs. It was'nt moving much thou.

Lunch served on banana leaves.

Visit to the Orang Asli museum

Wong pointing to a tribe with his surname.
'Che Wong' tribe had 3 new members - Mr Wong Tuan Wah, Mr Wong Kum Sang and Wong Ley Kun~ hee

Some of the exhibits. I was amazed at the fish cages. Have only seen metal ones made by Ubin villagers and did'nt know about those made by plant products.

Visit to a orang asli group 5 minutes walk from our accomodation. The village headman was not around as he did not expect us but we still managed to give out the items we brought for the kids. The kampong is quite similar to Ubin ones and there are villagers driving Proton Saga cars.

Shopping time~ There was a stall set up setting items made by orang asli. All proceeds goes to the artist and the middle lady is helping them to sell. We were all swarming to the stall to pick up souveniers and books which were very reasonably prized for the excellent craftsmanship. Most comes a note saying where it comes from, who made it, what is used to made it etc. Really useful and informative. We dun just buy but learn more about the orang asli.

Talk about orang asli - an eye opener for a city dweller like me.


Lovely Rosalind helping to BBQ for the hungry group.

We made some new friends too. Like this puppy who was supposed to station at the security guard post.

And a nose flute expert who's an orang asli himself.

And here's Lioe trying to master the art... BTW, Lioe's one of the big spender at the stall.

DAY 3 (Klang Gates)

Final day. We are climbing up Klang gates which consist of quartz. I enjoyed this hike the most as the scenery was simply breath taking...

After descending from klang gates, a strange looking grasshopper was attracted to William (volunteer from CNR) and we took the chance to take photos.


Our accomodation area. Great for birdwatching and getting inspiration for drawing.

Our room for the 2 nights...

Here's a reason why you should bring your spouse for the next trip.

1) Free massage when you are tired.

2) As a leg rest when you are reading a book.

Hope to see more people signing up for future trips! Till then~


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Wow! Seems like you all had a great trip! Wish I could go, but unfortunately I had another event that weekend, and some more my leave also running out...

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