Thursday, October 11, 2007

10th, 11th Oct

10th Oct
We had our jungle fowl survey in the morning. Weather was fine and as usual, my group only heard the crowing of the males and did'nt sight any jungle fowl.

We spotted some interesting stuff while moving from point to point.

Looks like a cockaroach but if you look closer, you'll spot the cute eyes. Got to find out the name of this beetle

At first I thought that its just a fly but after our colleague shot it (with camera of course) it turns out to be a cute beetle. Got to find out the name too.

Here's a baby cobra. It has white bands on its sides. We almost stepped on it while moving through the forest.

Skeleton of a reptile along the sensory trail

11th Oct

I have'nt recovered from my flu and fever today and was planning to leave the island at 3pm when there was a sighting of a python in ST by villagers. Rumour was going around that it was a big one and had just ate a wild boar. Could'nt resist when I saw the rest of my colleague heading to ST with their cameras & so I went...

This is what we spotted in one of the fresh water pond.

It appears to have eaten something big and cant move much although there were so many curious villagers and staff looking at it. Talk about being in the limelight...

If you enlarge this photo, you can see its head on the right. It must have taken a while to ingest the last victim with such a small head. The part where it was blarging appears to be afloat. Perhaps it was really a wild boar inside. Yesterday when we were doing the survey metres from this spot, we heard load abrupt scream from a wild boar but no sound of any moving thru the bushes like we normally do. Or perhaps it ate the jungle fowl that we could'nt spot yesterday...

Robert estimate it to be about 5m. That means almost half of it is submerged in water.

ST guides, do keep a look out for this python during your next guided tour.



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