Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Unknown

I'm always giving answers and explaination. Let's see what happens when I asks questions...

Why did an insect want to be close to lightning by resting on a lightning warning signboard??

Why are there paw prints on a glass which is 8 feet above ground at House No 1?

Is this a commonly seen toad? Why is there a toad stationed at CJ IK and plays dead when we harrass it?

Why are there so many big brittle stars on the northern sandbar in CJ? (there were at least 20 of them in one spot) Why did'nt they hide in the rocky shores and coral rubble area? Are they taking over the space of the common sea star?

Why are there so much seaweed in the seagrass lagoon??

What kind of flower crabs are these??

Have a great day ahead people~


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