Monday, April 07, 2008

Otter Sightings

4th April - Rangers Mark & Bari saw otters at Sensory Trail area! Here's their recount of the sighting.

"This morning, at around 8.30am, Mark Lim spotted some otters( est. 5 ) at the pond along Jln Ubin(opp House 363B). Mark Lim called me (Paul Parusuraman) to witness the sighting. We could not take shots of the otters as they were moving around pretty fast. The second sighting was witnessed at the mangroves adjacent the sluice gate area.(Sensory trail - boat berthing point ). We heard calls from within the mangroves before two large otters(est. 1 metre) swam past the sluice gate about 10 metres away before diving down. All this activity lasted about an hour. The below pic was the best we could take due to the otters' rapid movements."

Actually for the last few weeks, a few of us, Mark, Paul, Lioe, volunteers, visitors and security guards have spotted the Otters at Chek Jawa, Jelutong and now even Jln Ubin. The security guards at CJ reported seeing the otters swim near to the floating pontoon on quiet days during high tides.

Personally I think the sightings are normally

1) highest tide of the day (like in this case of 4th April)

2) early morning; low tide before or after rain.

Next time, do log your sightings at the Information Kiosks sightings book if you do see them yeh~


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