Saturday, January 19, 2008

19th Jan - Orientation

Conducted a orientation for new volunteers today to know more about the island and discuss volunteering opportunities. Was supposed to have 13 pax coming but some could'nt make it last minute.

When I was on the bumboat, I just couldnt resist the beautiful fluffy clouds that form a horizon over Ubin. Was imagining how it would felt if I could touch the clouds. Haha...

As we found out that everyone was not in a rush to end at 3pm today, we decided to end our orientation at 5pm instead.

Here's the great company for the day....

and here's some souvenir from CJ.....Bites from vicious mosquitoes along the mangrove boardwalk...

We then had lunch at Sisters' Restaurant before heading to Ketam Bike Park, visit the large Ficus casiramea (collared fig).

It started drizzling at 4pm and we went to visit Uncle Leong Kiat at his "Why you so like that" stall.
He made us some tea with Singapore Holly leaves mixed with another weed he gathered.
Here we are, eager to learn about the great uses of the herbs that he sells.

The day ended and some of us hitched a ride from Wenpin who forgot to place parking coupons and got summoned $30. Poor thing! Next time just park at Civil Service Club lah...

Looking forward to tmw's Chek Jawa walk. This week is the mark of the 1 year anniversary since the massive death at CJ on 18th January. Hope there would be pleasant surprises.


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