Thursday, January 24, 2008

24th Jan

Quiet weekday in Ubin when we had to wait for at least 30minutes to get a boat. Everything was peaceful till lunch time at Ah Lian's restaurant.

Marc Creamades (hornbill project) and Mark Lim was shouting at me. "Adelle! Come quickly!"

Abandoning my food and running over, I was just in time to spot 3 otters swimming in the waters!
The tide was high and they were swimming and surfacing and disappearing into the waters quickly. They were swimming away, around the corner of Jelutong campsite.

This is the second time I spotted otters. The first time was around Christmas 07 at Chek Jawa when my guided group and I saw 2 otters running across the northern sandbar towards the sea through Margie Hall's binoculous.

Encounters like these often happens when I do not have a camera good enough to zoom that far. Although we did'nt managed to take any photos, it is always heart warming to know that this small island is home to many wonderful animals that were once so abundance in numbers.


Blogger ria said...

Wow! That's fantastic Adelle! Thanks for sharing. It's wonderful to know these magnificent animals have made Ubin their home.

11:22 PM  

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