Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sightings today~

It was raining and thunder was heard in the distance as we started our guided tour this morning. Today we were fortunate to have guides Faridah, Alan, Bari and Mark to help out.
Jacky, KC Auyeong and myself waited for a group that failed to turn up until 9.45am, 105 minutes late! The tide rose as we waited for them.

The management had agreed earlier on that in future, we would not wait for any groups that is late for more than 30 minutes. And their payment would not be returned to them.

The sun start to shine over Chek Jawa as the groups walked down and Faridah's group was lucky to spot a beautiful rainbow over the forest of CJ.

Today we had some great finds!
Jacky found a Keyhole Sand Dollar at the northern sandbar! I've worked here for 4 years and this is the first time I'm seeing it. Cool right?

Anyway, I'm guessing you've heard enough of my story of the day. =)
So let us now enjoy the photos taken by volunteer KC Auyeong.

Other than the Sand dollars, they found a tiger moonsnail too. Cool right? Hope someone took photos to share.

Till then~.....


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